Blue Cheese



Blue Cheese, a timeless indica strain, defies its name with a flavor profile that diverges from the pungency of blue cheese, offering instead a delightful infusion of fruity notes. With potent effects that induce a profound sense of relaxation, this strain is an ideal choice for unwinding during the evening or nighttime.

Recognized for its therapeutic properties, Blue Cheese is sought after for alleviating muscle pains, spasms, stress, and addressing various health concerns, including minor PTSD, depression, and ADD.

Its fragrance is a harmonious blend of subtle cheese undertones complemented by dominant sweet blueberry accents. Originating from the crossbreeding of the original cheese strain with a blueberry male, this strain not only bears its name but also embodies a focus on the blue spectrum. The high it delivers is a balanced amalgamation of joy and euphoria accompanied by a profound body-relaxing sensation.

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A product of crossing the UK strain “Cheese” with the beloved “Blueberry,” this strain stands as a classic indica renowned for its pronounced fruity notes. Despite its name, which might suggest a taste reminiscent of grocery store moldy cheese, the actual experience defies expectations, though some discern a subtle hint of cheese.

The buds of this strain are exceptionally dense, making them challenging to break up when fresh, often necessitating the use of a grinder. Notably resinous, the flowers are coated with sticky trichomes. Coppery-colored hairs adorn the medium green leaves, serving as protective elements for the pistils of the flower. The scent of Blue Cheese is a pungent blend with a berry undertone.

When smoked, Blue Cheese weed flowers produce a surprisingly thick smoke, which may catch the uninitiated off guard. Initial coughing might occur until one becomes accustomed to the smoke. Lab tests typically reveal THC levels in the range of 15 to 20% for Blue Cheese weed.

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