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An intensely indica-dominant hybrid, Animal Cookies emerges from the genetic fusion of Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and Fire OG. This strain earned the title of High Times Cannabis Cup winner in 2013.

Characterized by a powerful impact, Animal Cookies delivers a euphoric sensation that eventually transitions into a relaxing body melt. While it possesses uplifting qualities, it can also induce sedation, making it an ideal choice for evening use.

With THC levels soaring up to 27%, beginners are advised to approach dosing with caution until they gain experience and comprehend the potential effects of this strain on their individual tolerance.

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Many enthusiasts have observed that this strain retains the original Girl Scout Cookies flavor, accentuated by delightful notes of cherry and cookies. Thanks to its terpene profile, hints of cookie dough, cherry, and vanilla contribute a sweet undertone to the predominant earthy aroma. Animal Cookies is rich in major terpenes, notably caryophyllene, humulene, and myrcene.

Caryophyllene, known for its spicy character, is also found in cinnamon and black pepper, and it’s recognized for its potential anti-inflammatory effects. While conclusive studies are pending, there is suggestive evidence that caryophyllene may have therapeutic applications in treating alcoholism, addiction, inflammatory bowel disease, and pain relief.

Humulene, another noteworthy terpene, exhibits promise as an anti-inflammatory agent. Interestingly, strains with elevated levels of caryophyllene often contain humulene. Additionally, humulene serves as a defender of the cannabis plant, acting against fungus and deterring pests.

Myrcene, prevalent in nearly all cannabis varieties, is often the dominant terpene. Found in thyme, mango, and lemongrass, myrcene is thought to contribute to the relaxing effects experienced by cannabis consumers, potentially activating the body’s cannabinoid receptors.

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